Bell, Book & Candle

Tarot Card Girl – as she calls herself on YouTube – parks her vintage Austin Bluebird on Palomino Beach because she has an appointment with “Severe Scorpio”, whom she promised a reading. A few hours later, “Scorpio” calls 911 to alert the Palomino PD that he has killed the girl. Detectives Thomas LeGrand, Michael LeMont and Jennifer Rodriguez find the suspect sitting on the floor of the jazzy campervan, covered in blood, waiting to be arrested. The girl’s body is nowhere to be found, and Chief Malcolm McNeil assembles a team to solve the mystery. It soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary murder case, and the team must dive deep into the occult to get a handle on what happened.

  • Divine Timing

    Divine Timing

    Gracie finally tells Grayson what has been weighing on her. It has to do with something she saw on the beach when the divers were searching for Soleil. “Divine timing” is the reason she only tells him now. 🍃 Full text is available for logged in users only.

  • Chopsticks


    Jake and Zoe fight a war with words over Japanese dishes. Are they aware that journalist Samantha Stone from Stone Revelations is just a table away from them?

  • I’m not crazy!

    I’m not crazy!

    Thomas LeGrand and Jennifer Rodriguez try once again to get their crazy suspect talking. They argue about the best strategy, but Thomas’ blunt approach kills it; “Loony” reveals his true identity..

  • Kick-off


    Malcolm McNeil kicks off the first meeting of the Tarot Card Girl Case. They discuss “Curly’s” find on the beach, Thomas’ talk with the registar of the campervan, and the crazy media attention. 🍃 Full text is available for logged in users only.

  • Mighty good at it (Thomas)

    Mighty good at it (Thomas)

    LeGrand and LeMont meet up at the secured crimescene. They discuss the high strangeness of today’s events and officer “Curly” finds a bag buried near the campervan. 🍃 Full text is available for logged in users only.

  • Light my fire (Jason & Jennifer)

    Light my fire (Jason & Jennifer)

    The crimescene is secured, LeGrand has taken the suspect for interrogation and a search team is combing the beach area. Jennifer goes home to Jason and the twins. 🍃 Full text is available for logged in users only.

  • Juicy intel

    Juicy intel

    Kelly, detective LeGrand’s headstrong daughter, cannot contain her curiosity and dissects the comment section under Tarot Card Girl’s Youtube channel. 🍃 Full text is available for logged in users only.

  • Disobedient Sheep

    Disobedient Sheep

    Detectives Demi Perry and Aron Sanchez visit suspicious couple Ben and Carlita Meister, retired in an affluent neighborhood near the beach where Soleil – a traveling tarot card reader – went missing a few days ago.

  • Synopsis


    Bell, Book & Candle is an esoteric mystery novel. Not a whodunnit with detailed plot descriptions, but a dialogue driven story in which the dynamics between the characters are at the forefront. 🍃 Full text is available for logged in users only.