Leon, where are you..

Luz and Leon had provoked a spiritual war, both being perfect channels for the entities involved.

Is Eshu here? Is Yemaya now linking up with Luz, to protect her? Or..?

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.. Diaz’ mind went into overdrive. It was up to her to make a split-second assessment of this complicated situation in order to prevent the war from erupting.

Her ears were buzzing; those damned high-pitched sounds impeded her from thinking clearly, and the fog in her head prevented her from contacting her spirit guides.

Then she saw Luz vibrating like a shimmering heatwave, intensely focused on her husband. The sounds from the street faded and Diaz felt a heavy pounding in her head. What was happening here? It was as if time stood still.

And a moment later, Leon was gone. He’d simply vanished.

Wat vond je ervan?