Mission 909 – The third option

A briefing from Marilyn.

5/5 (4)
1958, Havana Beach

Dear Natal,

I had great pleasure in meeting you and Mayte in Casa Mia Paladar last week. You and I met a few times before, during my first visit to Havana, but never did we have a heart-to-heart like last week. I am delighted we did so.

If I understood correctly, you are playing with the idea of moving to the United States to pursue your artistic ambitions. I am not surprised; in the light of the current state of affairs in Cuba, America would be your best bet. 

However, please forgive me for getting straight to the point and being blunt in doing so; but I feel nudged to warn you, dear friend.
As soon as you set foot on the shore of the United States, ‘they’ will be all over you. Groups from either side, whether they be pro-American or communist, will fix their sights on you to recruit you for their causes, and they will be tempting.

I know that you, as the son of a very wise woman, will use your inner knowing to weigh up the situation. But I see fit to forewarn you; taking sides will leave you disillusioned, eventually. Affiliating yourself with any such group will appear idealistic at first, to only then find out you are being used for hidden agendas. All parties involved are playing dangerous games where seemingly good choices can have bad outcomes.

I want to emphasize that I do not condemn people for fighting for their ideals. Everyone on life’s stage has a role to play.
But the way I see it, and as we spoke about before; yours must be a different one; seen from a higher perspective.

Please realize that Mission 909 does not takes sides. It is not black, it is not white, nor is it left or right; we are the third option so to speak. Agents for humanity answer to a higher power and our only concern is the well-being of the totality of humanity.
Regarding Cuba, our efforts are solely aimed at preventing the situation from escalating. We are worried about a nuclear threat in the near future.

I will leave it at that for now, but I propose we meet in person before I return to the USA. Please take your time to think things over and speak about it with Mayte; you have a daughter to consider.
Then, if you are still interested in joining the Mission, I will brief you further on the details.

With warmth and sincerity;

Wat vond je ervan?