Eye for an Eye - Painting Natal (Natal's bleeding wound) (Vuurvogel Creative Writing)

Painting Natal


… ” Alabao, he just cleaned up and put away all his painting gear. But all he can do now is go at it again, to grab a brush and paint, paint, paint.
Like an addict who washes down his misery with liquor, Natal craves a clean, chaste piece of linen to spit out upon his burdens.

With brisk gestures he puts back the paint cans on the floor and then clamps a new canvas on the drawing board.
He is close to a meltdown. Quick! Mix some yellow and white and let it all out now.

He gives color to the shame, the guilt, the sorrow, his love and the overpowering helplessness. He re-shapes all those feelings, he transforms them into something new, something beautiful to look at. ”   …

Video: Consuelo Larralde