A virus walks into a bar .. (updated!)

Watch, listen, think..

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Eh.. contagion?

In order to grasp what is going on, I needed to do some digging.  I didn’t want to swallow the easy pill just like that.

I share the highlights that I come across while I’m at it. As more people speak out and insights grow, the list of links and videos (below) will be updated accordingly. Even though the list seems extensive, it is a still a selection of highly recommended material, so I ask you to take time to listen and read.

I know the information can be psychologically challenging, but the situation at hand requires us to be informed. Really, there is no excuse to stay unaware at this point in time.

And consider this: who would you be in a Stanford Experiment?


Virology, Immunology: expanding frame of reference
Economy, Society: the consequences (NWO)
Vaccination, bio-tech
Medical experts & scientists speaking out: 2020 crisis
** just a few from the many who are speaking out
Health: sovereignty, responsibility versus ‘the masquerade’
The rooster in the river of rats ~ Dr. A. Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman explains the standards for virus testing ~  ‘Koch’s postulates’:

The mammalian virome in genetic analysis and disease pathogenesis

Dr. Skip Virgin gives a nuanced view on infectious diseases and the role of viruses:

Disclaimer of sorts:

I avoid sources which base their opinions and beliefs on politics and religion or the ones who utter ‘satanic’ ‘illuminati’ and ‘luciferian’. Whether they are right or not, imho these topics are a bit more complicated than realized. I want to keep it clean & clear by focusing on the main problem we are dealing with.

And another thing; playing the ‘conspiracy theorist’ card with people who think, research and speak out is such an admission of weakness..

The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.

~ Noam Chomsky

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